Why do we support this?

Alin & Hedenlund has worked actively over the past 20 years to make a difference.
Over the past decade, we have been supporting to a greater extent Médecins Sans Frontières, which, like us, believes in non-politically based decisions on aid. We have also contributed to the Stadsmissionen and others, but today we feel that, although we have many problems within our borders, we are incredibly fortunate.

Our view is that, on a crown-for-crown basis, in terms of reducing human suffering, our contributions are most beneficial outside Sweden.
This means that in an average year, we contribute about 5% of our annual turnover to people with high needs due to conflict or climate.

In 2022, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine tested the non-political basis for helping. Fortunately, we do not need to be as reticent as the LUG – read more at lakareutangranser.se/what-we-do/have-worked-on/ukraina – but can unreservedly endorse the view that Russia is acting as a terrorist state and should be treated accordingly.

UN agencies of various kinds often have a high administrative cost before it translates into real help for those they support. The UNHCR needs 15% to be spent on administration and innovation, and the remaining 85 % goes to emergency aid, such as food, blankets, and tents for refugees.
Read more at www.sverigeforunhcr.se/ukraina

In addition, support must be adequate and delivered in such a way as to maximize its benefits. Our simple assessment is that in the case of Ukraine, UNHCR has succeeded very well under the circumstances, and we have decided to become a “key partner” in 2023.

We tell you about this because we have proven to ourselves that, over time, very small businesses can help the world if you understand that it comes with a reduction in margins.
But as long as we employees share the vision and the company owners see the value, it’s absolutely worth it.

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