Commercial space

Information for people who rent a commercial space in one of our buildings.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the premises?
Leasing commercial space differs in many respects from renting an apartment. The usual distribution of responsibility entails that the lessee is responsible for the internal maintenance of the space, including floors, walls, and ceilings, as well as furnishings.

Protection against burglary, such as perimeter security and locks are also the responsibility of the lessee and shall be adapted to suit the activities conducted on the premises. Furthermore, the lessee must have insurance that covers costs that occur in the event of burglary, such as damage to windows and entrance doors.

The landlord is normally responsible for the external maintenance on the property and its fixed installations (water, heating, ventilation, electricity, and elevators). Always review your agreement to be sure of what applies in your particular case!

Transfer of premises
As a lessee, it is possible to sell/transfer your business, and in connection with this, to also transfer the lease of the premises. In addition to approval of the new tenant by the landlord, additional criteria may need to be fulfilled. Contact us for more information on your specific case.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every one of us and society in an unprecedented way. Please contact your property manager here at Alin & Hedenlund if you have any specific questions related to COVID-19 and your premises.

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