Rental apartments

This section contains information for renters, condominium owners and businesses that lease premises in one of our properties.


Here you will find information for people who rent an apartment in one of our buildings, for people who own a condominium in a building that we manage, and for people who are leasing commercial space in one of our buildings.

Rental apartments

We are delighted to have you as a tenant. Well-being is very important, and we hope that you enjoy living in your apartment. We continuously strive to make the building and its immediate surroundings as pleasant as possible and hope that you will lend helping hand to this end.

Information for people renting apartments in one of our buildings.

Renting an apartment has many benefits. Regulations and well-being rules are in place to ensure the best possible interaction between neighbors and that your apartment works as intended. Read more, here.

Swapping/subletting your apartment

If you live in a tenancy rental apartment you have the right to sublet your apartment if, for example, you are going to work or study elsewhere. All subletting must be pre-approved by your landlord and is permitted for a maximum of 1 year at a time. To download the form for subletting and find out more about what applies in the case of your landlord, log in to My Pages.

If you have general questions or concerns about to how to proceed in subletting, such as what valid reasons for subletting are, etc., you can read more about this via the tenants’ association.

As a tenant, you have the right to apply to swap your apartment. For the landlord to be able to permit the swap, a number of requirements must be met by you, the current tenant, and by the new, intended tenant. Read more about apartment swaps here.

Since 2019, unauthorized compensation for apartment exchanges is punishable by imprisonment. If there is reason for the landlord to suspect that something is dubious about the swap, they have the right to refuse it without justification. Read more about what is applicable here.

Moving in/out

If you have successfully managed to swap your apartment, you need to book an appointment to sign your contract by sending an email to Both you and the new tenant must both be present at the signing. This can only take place after all inspections in the swap have been completed and approved. Notice of the swap must be sent to us in writing at at least three months before the swap is made. We will always send a response with confirmation of the termination of your contract. Make sure you have received this, to ensure we have received your termination request. Contact us 1 month before your departure to book an inspection. You must be present at the inspection yourself, and at the time of the inspection, the apartment must be completely empty and cleaned. If the apartment has been subject to abnormal wear and tear, you may be required to pay restoration costs. Make sure that you and/or the person you hire for your moving out cleaning follow all the steps that need to be met for an inspection to be approved; a good checklist can be found here.

Do not forget to cancel your electricity account, broadband subscription and other contracts that are linked to the apartment.

Report an error/Service request

Is something out of order or not working properly? Log in to My Pages to register your case. All cases involving disturbance by neighbors should be send through the same channels as reporting a fault. Read more about disturbances in your building here.

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