Your condominium association building is jointly owned by you and your neighbors, giving you great opportunity to influence the development of your building in line with your preferences. Together, you can contribute to a pleasant, quality lifestyle, in a well-maintained property.

Information for condo owners in a building that we manage.

As condo-owner and a member of a condominium association, you are responsible for the maintenance of your apartment. Exact areas of responsibility can be found in the association’s statutes under My Pages.

Read the statutes carefully before you report a fault, as it will not be processed if the area of responsibility in question is yours.

Some associations offer help with matters that are not part of the association’s responsibility. In this case, the cost of the work performed will be charged to you as the owner of the apartment.


As a member of a condominium association, you do not own your apartment, rather you own a part of the association and the right to live in your apartment. This means that you are obligated to allow the board or contractors to enter your apartment for inspections and planned maintenance such as OVC (obligatory ventilation control) and heating system adjustments, etc.

Should you wish to carry out any renovations or building projects in your apartment, you must first report it to the board and in some cases also apply for a building permit. It is your duty to find out what is applicable in your case, and you can read more about it here. Always check the statutes as there may be certain exceptions in your association.

Please note that you are required to add a condominium housing supplement to your home insurance policy unless this is included collectively in the association’s property insurance.

An important part of living in a condo association is to get involved in the development of the association. In line with this, we ask you to always attend association meetings and member meetings. You can also contribute by joining the board or the nomination committee.

Selling your part of the condo association/broker

When you sell your part of the condominium association it is important that you give the broker all the documents they request.

Images for the broker are downloaded by you, the condo owner, by logging into My Pages.

Under the tab, “My condo” is the Condo association information that you need. It is also important that you include the statutes, financial plan, and the latest annual report to your broker, all of which can be found under My Pages.

Rather than downloading images from My Pages, if you or your broker decides to order images from us instead, we will charge an administrative fee per order placed. The cost will be charged to the condo owner.

Did you know that...

The first condo associations in Sweden were formed in 1930, after the first tenant-owner law was enacted the same year.

Before 1930, an apartment was “owned” by owning a share in a housing collective or shares in a limited-housing company, giving people the opportunity to acquire a home with a relatively low cash investment.

The idea was that the residential building would be jointly owned by the residents, with a housing representative board that controls income and expenses.

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