Our history

With 75 years of experience in property management, we dare to say that we are still an extremely agile player, with a unique level of property-management expertise. We combine values that have survived the test of time, with applied technology where all of our processes are digitized and quality assured. This gives us time to cultivate a personal connection in our business dealings.


It all began when Major General Sven E. Alin and Colonel Magnus Hedenlund founded the company based on a love of property. The company was named Alin & Hedenlund Fastighetsförvaltning AB


The founders retire and the new owner, Carl-Axel Rosenqvist, is tasked with passing the torch onwards, continuing to ensure that Alin & Hedenlund FF AB is a reputable player in the Stockholm city center.


Curt Lönnell takes over the business and moves the office from Narvavägen 1 to Storgatan 58, with the help of the dedicated secretary Pia Benk. Together they bring in a number of renowned customers over the years, many of which are still clients today.


Today’s Alin & Hedenlund FF took shape when Jack Gustafsson acquired the company from the former owner who retired. Optimizing the solid base of expertise inherent in the company, Jack developed the customized portfolio management business model that we work with still today.


Johan Fernholm becomes CEO and partner in Alin & Hedenlund. Johan already began his journey at AH during his university years at Lantmätare at KTH back in the early 2000s. After graduation and a few years at AH, he held a number of leading positions in other property companies. In 2010, he returned to AH, and together with Jack Gustafsson, who became Chairman of the company the same year, they began their co-journey in property development.


Today’s Alin & Hedenlund is built on two pillars, Property and Management.

After more than a decade in its present form, the company’s passion and love for property still come first. We manage and develop property in the Greater Stockholm area and look forward to new challenges…

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About us

Alin & Hedenlund Property | Management AB is a family-owned company established in 1945 with the goal of offering quality housing and business environments, combined with sound profitability for the property owner.

We manage around 145 000 m2 and 2 700 objects, with a value of around SEK 4 billion.

AH is run by 8 dedicated experts – with an equal number of women and men on our staff. The average age is 42, and the average length of employment is 10 years.

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