Managing and developing property since 1945

Alin & Hedenlund

Alin & Hedenlund manages, develops, and owns residential buildings in greater Stockholm and the surrounding areas. With over 75 years of experience in property management, we dare to say that our level of experience in property is unique.

We understand property owners’ business better than most –  developing buildings both from a financial and technical perspective at the same time by putting those who live and work in the properties at center stage.

Alin & Hedenlund

"Properties are seldom well-managed by chance"

AH delivers serious, pragmatic, customized management, based on best practice in the property sector. Our work creates long-term profitability in property portfolios and provides quality services for residents and businesses on the property. We help properties maximize environmental compliance and minimize environmental impact by identifying unfavorable environmental aspects in property operations.

We strive to be fast, efficient, and considerate, creating a secure and enjoyable environment for those who live and work on the property.


Alin & Hedenlund

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