After all our years in the industry, AH is proud to stick to its original philosophy – not to do business with our clients – but for them.

We have worked with property development for over two decades. We also did this in the two decades before that, but back then, the focus on profitability was not as strong and was known as “rebuilding” or “renovation.”

Property development has always been our passion and over time, we have –  without exception – cultivated our projects to deliver sound profitability. We have also had the opportunity to develop our own property projects.

Property development demands a great deal of trust from the property owner and most often our major projects are a collaboration with current management customers.

Property development can also be about regular renovations and building projects. We have helped many property owners to improve ventilation, change electrical systems, renovate the mains, etc. We almost always yield profitability in these less glamorous projects too.

Do you have a property with development potential? Where many see problems and obstacles, we see solutions, and we are always interested in new challenges. Send an email to Johan Fernholm to start an open dialogue.

About us

Alin & Hedenlund Property | Management AB is a family-owned company established in 1945 with the goal of offering quality housing and business environments, combined with sound profitability for the property owner.

We manage around 145 000 m2 and 2 700 objects, with a value of around SEK 4 billion.

AH is run by 8 dedicated experts – with a gender-balanced work force. The average age is 42, and the average length of employment is 10 years.

Alin & Hedenlund

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