Why do we support this?

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Alin & Hedenlund has worked actively over the past 20 years to make a difference. Over the past decade, we have been supporting to a greater extent Médecins Sans Frontières, which, like us, believes in non-politically based decisions on aid. We have also contributed to the Stadsmissionen and others, but today we feel that, although […]

Agreement in principle on Stockholm rents

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Last week, an agreement in principle on rent in Stockholm was announced. The state’s three public utility companies and Hyresgästföreningen (The Tenants’ Association) have agreed on a new model for systematic rents in the city of Stockholm. The agreement covers approximately 60,000 apartments built up to and including 2010. Newer apartments are currently not covered. […]

Tougher rules against illegal swaps and black-market trading from October 1, 2019


On October 1, 2019, tougher rules against black market trading of rental contracts and illegal subletting come into force. Among other things, the new rules make it a crime to sublet without a permit. Another change is that it will also be illegal to buy a tenant apartment lease; previously it has only been illegal […]

Fair’s fair in tenancy rights


The ongoing debate on the importance of tenancy rights is good news for a well-functioning housing market. But it is time to dispel a number of myths that are circulating in media without scrutiny. Sweden’s private property owners have great responsibility for protecting both the tenants and the property portfolio – completely in line with […]

Sharp increase in debt collection claims on tenant-owners


TT reports that more and more condo owners are finding it difficult to pay their association fees. In March, the number of unpaid April fees that went to debt collection increased by more than 80%, compared with the same period last year, according to statistics from Sveriges bostadsrättcentrum (SBC). Source: Omni ekonomi