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Tenant information

Moving in
Appointments for inspection and transfer of keys are made according to agreement with the Alin & Hedenlund. Don’t forget to register for a new electricity account for your apartment.


The rent is always paid a month in advance.
Rent for the coming month must be paid by the last working day of the current month. If you loose your rental slip you can obtain a copy from Alin & Hedenlund, however rent must still be paid on time as above.


Reporting faults
Faults shall be reported to Alin & Hedenlund. Telephone numbers and other necessary information can be found in the Reporting a fault section. (Click here).


Upkeep and maintenance of your apartment
Tenants are responsible for keeping their apartments in good condition (Swedish Rental law 24). For tenants, this also applies to all public areas in the apartment building such as the basement, attic and stairwell, etc.


The difference between upkeep, carried out by the tenant, and maintenance, carried out by the property manager, is in general relatively clear. However, in practice certain uncertainty has arisen regarding a number of maintenance measures. Care of parquet flooring is one example where responsibility is unclear. Undisputably, daily upkeep by the tenant includes cleaning and waxing (where applicable), wheras grinding and varnishing is the responsibiltiy of the property manager. Cleaing and washing of
painted surfaces is part of the tenants upkeep, while painting is considered maintenance.

Changing charcoal/fat filters in the kitchen fan is the tenant’s responsibility
How often the kitchen fan’s charcoal/fat filter needs to be changed depends on how often the tenant uses the fan. Under normal usage the filters should be changed every 2 to 3 years. You can also tell from the odour when it is time to change filter! For information on where to purchase filters see www.futurum.se


Damage vs. normal wear and tear
A certain amount of wear and tear will arise in an apartment during the term of a tenant’s lease. Even the most conscientious tenant will cause some minor damage over the course of a rental agreement. This minimal damage is typically referred to as "normal wear and tear." This can include small scratches on the walls or paint or doors, or other insignificant damage. A tenant is not responsible for this type of damage. However, tenants are responsible for damage to the apartment that results from carelessness or neglect. Typical damage of this type, for which the tenant is liable to pay compensation if they are responsible for the damage, include broken or cracked sinks, cracked toilets or toilet seats and lids, broken window frames, etc.


A tenant is obliged to report all damage or faults in the apartment to the caretaker, regardless of how they were caused. The report shall be filed without unreasonable delay. In the case of damage that needs immediate attention so that further damage does not occur – such as leakage from pipes, the caretaker must be notified immediately. If the tenant is away on vacation when such damage occurs, the report should be filed as soon as the tenant returns. This is under the condition that the tenant has given the caretaker permission to enter the apartment during the tenant’s absence.



Laundry rooms
Clean the laundry room after use and clean the filters in the driers.


Noisy neighbours
One of the most common disputes between neighbours involves complaints about noise. According to Swedish Tenant Laws it is the responsibility of the tenant to keep his/her apartment and related areas in good condition and to maintain a sound environment within the building. If such disturbances occur you should first contact the neighbour in question to reach a solution. If this is unsuccessful then you should contact your property managers, Alin & Hedenlund. We will then contact your neighbour and solve the problem. An excessively noisy neighbour is at risk of loosing his/her apartment.


Subletting your apartment
Subleasing of apartments must be approved by your property managers, Alin & Hedenlund. You must have a good reason to be eligible for permission to sublet and cannot sublet without intent to return to the apartment. Good reasons include study or work in another place. Useful information as well as well as forms for application can be found at : Fastighetsagarna andrahandsuthyrning



Giving notice
Notice that you wish to leave your apartment must be given to Alin & Hedenlund in writing. The period of notice is three months and is starts from the first day of the next month. For example if you give your notice on February 2 then the period of notice starts on March 1, with you liable to pay rent until May 31. Other rules apply regarding the estate of a deceased person – please contact Alin & Hedenlund for more information.


Exchange of rental contracts (exchanging apartments)
Alin & Hedenlund does not procure any internal or external exchange of rental contracts. If you yourself find an exchange of rental contracts that you wish to make, you must request permission to make the exchange from Alin & Hedenlund. Written requests must be made using the Exchange of rental contract permission form. For a copy of the form contact Alin & Hedenlund or click on the link below to download a copy.


Moving out
Make sure to give Alin & Hedenlund the necessary notice prior to moving out. See the Giving notice section above. At this time you and Alin & Hedenlund will come to an agreement regarding inspection of the apartment and handing over of keys to the apartment. Prior to moving out your apartment needs to be thoroughly cleaned – this includes the balcony and closets, etc. Ensure that all doors, bathroom cabinets, hatracks etc. are in place for the inspection. Make sure all your personal belongings have been moved out of the apartment prior to the inspection. It is advised that you yourself attend the inspection so that any damage to the apartment can be discussed. As mentioned above you are responsible for any damage due to carelessness or neglect beyond the normal wear and tear that occurs during the course of a lease. Don’t forget to give notice on your apartment's electricity account.


Exchange of rental contracts – download this if you want to exchange apartments






Updated 08/04/2012
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