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About us
Our History
Ethics and Best Practices - our creed

Alin & Hedenlund today

Alin & Hedenlund has undergone significant changes over the past 10 years. While maintaining the important values on which our company is founded - integrity and professionalism – combined with a small-scale operation – we have a much greater focus today on quality assurance and a continuous search for smart solutions.

Finding smarter ways to work means that we put the experience and expertise gathered in previous or parallel projects to better use, re-cycling as much of the knowledge gained benefiting both our customers and us alike.

An increased focus on quality assurance within property management and administration involves mapping the different parts of the defined project, including the ongoing day-to-day management and administration. The mapping gives a clear view of the project including background info – planning – implementation – completion – and follow up, and can be used to present the project in a structured manner both internally and externally.

Our philosophy

Alin & Hedenlund’s philosophy centres on a balance between property management and asset management. We believe that a project's value is maximized by attentive management aimed at the bottom line, which can be achieved by careful attention to the day-to-day activities of a property.

What differentiates Alin & Hedenlund from other property management and administration companies is that we remain true to our original company philosophy – to grow but not at the expense of our customers.

This means that we focus solely on property management and administration, selling only property management and administrative services to our customers. All other related services, such as cleaning, plumbing, etc, are negotiated on an individual basis based on the individual requirements of the customer.

The danger of branching out into other services, which is common amongst other companies in the property management branch, is that you often end up doing business with your customers instead of for them.

Instead, we have developed our expertise in negotiating property management related products and services and we deliver the optimal balance between price, quality and service to our customers.

Alin & Hedenlund Fastighetsförvaltning AB is today owned by the Fernholm & Gustafsson Förvaltning AB which in it's turn is owned by the families Gustafsson and Fernholm. CEO, Jack Gustafsson, has been active within the company since 1991. President since January 2011 is Johan Fernholm/ johan@ah.se

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Our History


Updated 13/09/2011
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