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Serving a range of customers

Customer services
Alin & Hedenlund has been serving valued customers within the property management and administration market for almost 70 years. Our customers include Foundations, Associations, Private Apartment Building Owners and Condominium Owners Associations.

Unique customer requirements
All of our customers are unique with individual customer requirements. Alin & Hedenlund offers a flexible product portfolio that caters to all our customer needs.

Common customer goal
While each of our customers is unique, they share a common goal. That is to ensure an increase in property value both from a financial and technical perspective.

At Alin & Hedenlund we help you reach this goal by providing professional, efficient, customized property management and administration services according to the industry’s best practices. Our services help you to create long-term profitability and enable you to provide professional services to your tenants and other interested parties.

Guarantee of quality
Alin & Hedenlund adheres to the industry standard AFF-99 to document the services that we provide our clients. This way our clients can be sure that they are receiving the best services possible.

Start a collaboration with Alin & Hedenlund today
Let us put our close to 70 years of experience and expertise to work for you. To start collaborating with Alin & Hedenlund contact us to discuss your property management and administration needs
. We will examine your requirements and provide you with a cost-free estimate for a management solution.

Updated 13/09/2011
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